Mouth Guards for Athletes with Braces

  • Protect Your Teeth by Wearing a Mouth Guard

    Are you involved in sports? Are your children?
    Protect your teeth and smile by wearing a mouth guard!

    Mouthguard for Sports with Dr Ali Shojaei  in Richmond Hill or Aurora Orthodontics

    At Aurora Orthodontics, we understand how important your teeth are to you which is why we offer protective mouthguards for athletes of all ages. We will customize a mouthguard to comfortably fit your teeth and protect your braces from sports injuries. 

    Did you know more than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year through sports injury, accident, or play? Just as helmets, shoulder pads, and kneepads are worn to protect against sports-related injuries, mouth guards are an as equally important piece of protective gear. They can also protect against head and neck injuries by cushioning blows that could otherwise cause concussions and jaw fractures.

    A properly fitted mouthguard is especially important for those athletes who wear braces. A blow to the face could damage the brackets or other fixed orthodontic appliances. A mouth guard also provides a barrier between the braces and your cheek or lips, limiting the risk of soft tissue injuries.

    Mouth Guard Facts for Your Health

    • Mouth guards reduce the risk of concussion during sports trauma to the head
    • Athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer damage to the mouth when not wearing a mouthguard.
    • Mouthguard use prevents approximately 200,000 oral-facial injuries each year.
    • A properly fitted, custom made mouth guard offers the best protection
    • The cost to repair a knocked out tooth and follow-up dental treatment can cost thousands of dollars—many times greater than the price of a mouth guard.
    • REMEMBER a broken tooth is damaged for LIFE!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Mouth Guards

    Mouthguard for Sports with Dr Ali Shojaei  in Richmond Hill or Aurora Orthodontics

    Although mouthguards typically cover only the upper teeth, we may recommend that you wear a mouth guard on your bottom teeth, as well, if you also have braces on your lower teeth. (And remember, do not wear a retainer or other removable appliances while participating in any contact sports.)

    If you are a patient, Aurora Orthodontics will provide a complimentary custom-made mouth guard when your braces are removed to protect that winning smile.

    How do I sign up for a mouthguard?

    Call one of our offices to arrange an appointment.

    What is the Process to Get a Mouth Guard?

    Our mouth guards are pressure laminated custom mouth guards which represent leading edge technology in protection and comfort. One of our qualified dental professionals would be happy to take the necessary impression or mold of your teeth. The process only takes about 15 minutes. The mouth guard is then fabricated in a lab. We will email or call you once the mouthguard is ready to be picked up in approximately 1-2 weeks.


    Can I Choose the Colour of the Guard?

    Yes. Mouthguards can be clear or made using your team colours.

    How long does a mouth guard last?

    This is a difficult question to answer simply because many mouth guards are worn by children who are of course growing. We suggest a new mouth guard every season just like you need to replace the skates, or the soccer boots etc. You or your child will know when the fit is not as accurate as it was when first made. We will also supply you with a protective case and encourage you to find a safe place in the sports bag for you to store it.

    Get Your Mouth Guard Today!

    Book an appointment with us to create your custom mouthguard and invite your team too! Mouthguards can be fabricated using your local team colours and logo.

    If you wish for us to come to you, we can! Schedule a time with our office and our mobile Mouth Guard team will come to you and your team members after practice. We will even bring the team an after practice treat- pizza!!

    Don’t be caught off-guard and toothless; wear a mouth guard! Call Aurora Orthodontics today to book an appointment and customize a mouthguard to protect your braces!