Appointments and Scheduling

Scheduling your orthodontics appointments Scheduling Appointments Long adjustment appointments are scheduled during school/work hours. Routine adjustments can usually be scheduled any time during regular office hours, during or after school/work. Routine adjustment appointments may vary from a short appointment (15-30 minutes) to an hour or more, depending upon how much the teeth have moved since the previous appointment or if there are any loose or broken appliances. If you do not notify the office of any loose or broken appliances prior to your appointment and our treatment schedule is heavy, we may only be able to perform the routine adjustment. A separate appointment may be needed to repair a loose or broken appliance. At the end of each adjustment appointment, we will schedule a new appointment for your next visit (usually 3-8 weeks later). We reward patients for arriving on time, not having anything loose or broken and maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Broken/Missed Appointments At the time of your scheduled appointment, doctor and staff time is specifically reserved for you. Broken appointments will lead to delayed treatment progress and may affect the final outcome. Please notify our office in advance if you believe that you will arrive late. Emergencies We are proud to handle emergencies efficiently and provide patients with ways to reach us even after hours. However some emergencies can be addressed by the patient themselves. To see which ones, kindly refer to the section entitled Emergency Treatment.

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