Orthodontic assessment at what age? Age 7!


Parents often ask us at what age they should bring their child for their initial, free orthodontic assessment.  Many are surprised when we tell them the ideal time for an initial examination is at age 7.  We often hear “But they still have baby teeth” or “Our dentist told us to wait until all the adult teeth are in”.  There are many reasons to bring your child for an assessment at this early age.  These include:

-Dr. Shojaei  can see if your child’s jaws are developing normally. It is common for either the upper or lower jaw to be smaller than the other, or for the upper jaw to be narrow.  In many cases, this will improve on its own as your child grows.  Dr. Shojaei records various measurements at the initial assessment and compares those to what he sees at subsequent visits.  If he finds that the jaws are not developing as they should, he may suggest an appliance that helps to stimulate and encourage growth.  This Phase 1 treatment can often reduce or eliminate the need for further work, including jaw surgery, later in life.  Once growth is complete, this early intervention is no longer a possibility.

-As the adult teeth begin to come in, they can be crowded or protrude.  This often improves with time as the jaws continue to grow.  Protruding teeth can be at greater risk of trauma and, in severe cases, moving them into a more favourable position may be indicated.

-Children face many challenges and a healthy level of self-esteem goes a long way to help them cope.  Misaligned or protruding teeth, or large spaces, can make children self-conscious.  Sometimes minor corrections for esthetic reasons can have a major impact on their lives.

-Appliances can be made to correct harmful habits like thumb-sucking, tongue thrust, etc.

Dr. Shojaei is a clinical instructor of orthodontics at the University of Toronto and also completed his thesis on growth modification appliances.  This is his area of expertise.

The initial assessment and consultation with Dr. Shojaei is always at no charge.  The follow up monitoring appointments are also free.  There is never a fee charged unless treatment is recommended, all your questions are answered and you make the informed decision to proceed.  Many children go through our monitoring program and never require any treatment, meaning there is never a fee charged.  It is our pleasure to get to know these families and watch these children grow.

Please visit our website for answers to any other questions or to contact us to schedule your free orthodontic examination.  http://www.brace-your-smile.com

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