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Katy Perry - Nerdy Braces

Katy Perry as her nerdy alter ego.

When you think of Braces what do you think? The traditional metal brace face headgear! Rest assured, that is not what braces look like in the modern days!

In Thailand, and increasingly in places like Indonesia and China, braces are becoming a huge teenage fashion statement. Which is pretty strange considering in the West, braces are ruthlessly stigmatized and pretty much a metaphor for adolescent awkwardness. In the countries mentioned above, however, braces are considered a sign of wealth, status, and style. The reasoning is fairly straightforward—genuine orthodontic braces are very expensive. In Bangkok, for example, a set of tinsel-teeth will cost you roughly $1200, a substantial sum for a country with a GDP of $345 billion (the US had a GDP of $15.06 trillion in 2011). So all the kids want to wear these things, because anything worn by the young and rich is obviously super cute. Like any other popular commodity that is both really expensive and “really cute,” supply inevitably rises to meet demand. The market is now flooded with numerous knockoffs and fakes. In Indonesia, fashion braces—which are called kawat gigi untuk gaya or behel—will run you a mere $100. BUT…these “super cute” knock offs aren’t very good for you, in fact they can even be fatal!

So far, fake braces have been linked to the deaths of two Thai teens. A pair of shoddy braces was blamed for the death of a 17-year-old in the northeast city of Khon Kaen from a thyroid infection, which rapidly progressed to fatal heart failure. Then, in Chonburi, police tied the death of a 14-year-old girl to braces purchased at an illegal open-air stall.

Behel Asian Braces fashion trend

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