Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Benefit of Aurora  in Richmond Hill for orthodontic treatment from Dr. Shojaei - Orthodontist consultation, dentist, Pediatric Orthodontist specialist of Orthodontic treatments, dental treatment, Invisalign Braces, colour braces, dental surgery having dental office

What are the benefits of our offices for your orthodontic treatment?

  • Consultations at our offices are Complimentary (free of charge). During the consultation you will be given ample time to ask any questions you may have. This will provide you with the opportunity to become informed about your orthodontic needs, if any.
  • For those who are esthetically conscious, we provide ceramic brackets, Harmony™ lingual (back of teeth) braces, and Invisalign™ which will allow us to align your teeth without others noticing that you have braces.
  • At our office the DOCTOR exclusively designs and plans the treatment for each patient, ensuring that you will receive the best care possible throughout the course of treatment.
  • We value your time, therefore we work hard and are proud to be punctual with our appointments.
  • Aside from offering two locations to serve you, we are also open some Saturdays for your convenience.