• Invisalign for Teens at Aurora Orthodontics

    Why Invisalign is the Best Solution for Your Teen’s Teeth

    invisalign_teen_logo_Invisalign Teen offers an alternative for your teenager to straighten their teeth without the traditional metal or clear braces that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth.  While younger children usually think it’s fun to wear the coloured elastics used with traditional appliances, many teenagers prefer a less visible option.   Invisalign Teen is often the treatment of choice for youth involved in the performing arts such as drama, dance and music.  It is also an ideal orthodontic treatment option for the teenager who is shy or introverted or for those who have a major life event (grad photos, prom, bar mitzvah, etc.) coming up.Invisalign for teens available at Aurora and Smiles on Yonge in Richmond Hill

    Invisalign Teen eliminates some of the restrictions that come with traditional orthodontic appliances.

    Invisalign Teen does not require modification of the diet; as the appliances (aligners) are removed for eating and drinking, your teenager is free to eat whatever they want, including the crunchy foods that may damage regular braces (causing longer treatment time).  

    Invisalign Teen is an excellent treatment choice for the teenager who may have trouble using the tools, or finding the time,  required to adequately clean (brush and floss) around traditional orthodontic appliances. 

    Proper Oral Hygiene with Invisalign

    Oral hygiene routines are the same for Invisalign Teen wearers as they are for someone not in orthodontic treatment.  No specialized tools are required; no additional time is needed beyond what it normally takes to brush and floss properly.  Invisalign for teens available at Aurora and Smiles on Yonge in Richmond HillAs a result, the increased potential for cavities and gum disease associated with orthodontic treatment is greatly reduced.   Your teen will spend less time cleaning their teeth and more time doing homework!

    The Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Teen

    In addition to the benefits offered by Invisalign treatment (comfortable, fewer appointments and quicker visits), Invisalign Teen offers the following advantages:

    • Compliance indicators that track how much the patient is wearing the trays; giving parents peace of mind that their child is being compliant and treatment is progressing as planned.
    • In the event of a lost aligner, up to six free aligners are included (but don’t tell your teen that!).
    • Invisalign Teen has features designed to work with your teenager’s changing bite and erupting teeth.  This will prevent your teenager’s molars from erupting more than they should. 

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